Center for Functional Nanomaterials Seminar

"Perovskite Photovoltaics and g-ray Radiation Detectors Research Highlights"

Presented by Deidra R. Hodges, Ph.D., University of Texas at El Paso

Wednesday, August 3, 2016, 11:00 am — CFN, Bldg 735, Conference Room A, 1st Floor

Perovskite Photovoltaics: Renewable energies are one of the most important components of the global new energy strategy. Utilizing the power of the sun is one of the most viable ways to solve the foreseeable world's energy crisis. With increasing attention toward carbon-neutral energy production, solar electricity, or photovoltaic (PV) technology, is the object of steadily growing interest. The International Energy Agency's technology roadmap estimates that by 2050, PV will provide ~ 11% of all global electricity production & avoid 2.3 gigatonnes of CO2 emissions per year. A new solar cell material has evolved with transformative potential with laboratory efficiencies of 19.7%. Perovskite absorber materials are very inexpensive to synthesize & simple to manufacture, making them an extremely commercially viable option. Solar cell efficiencies of devices using these materials have increased from 3.8% in 2009 to a certified 20.1% in 2015, making this the fastest-advancing solar cell technology to date. These devices are also known for their high photon absorptivity, ideal direct band gaps with superior carrier charge transports, & cost-effective modes of fabrication scalability. Gama-ray Radiation Detectors: Cadmium zinc telluride (Cd1-xZnxTe or CZT), a ternary semiconductor material is well suited for good charge collection efficiency & high energy resolution room temperature x- & gamma (γ) -ray radiation detectors. In addition, these detectors can be small in size & have fast timing characteristics. Key semiconductor material properties required for high efficiency, & high energy resolution radiation detectors operable at room temperature are a high atomic number, ideal bandgap & low leakage current, high carrier mobility-lifetime (µτ) product to ensure complete charge collection, & high-purity, homogenous, & defect-free. CZT is recognized as one of the leading materials for fabrication.

Hosted by: Mircea Cotlet

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