RIKEN Lunch Seminar

"Hybrid approach to relativistic heavy-ion collisions at the RHIC BES energies"

Presented by Chun Shen, BNL

Thursday, October 27, 2016, 12:30 pm — Building 510, Room 2-160

Using a hybrid (viscous hydrodynamics + hadronic cascade) framework, we model the bulk dynamics of relativistic heavy-ion collisions at the RHIC BES collision energies, including the effects from non-zero net baryon current and its dissipative diffusion during the evolution. The framework is in full 3+1 dimension which allows us to study the non-trivial longitudinal structure and dynamics of the collision systems, for example, the baryon stopping/transport. The collision energy dependence of hadronic chemistry, identified particle spectra, anisotropic flows, and HBT radii is studied from 200 GeV to 19.6 GeV. Effects of breaking boost-invariance, net-baryon current, and its related diffusion on hadronic observables will be addressed. Finally, flow prediction for recent d+Au collisions at the BES energies will be presented within the same framework.

Hosted by: Hiroshi Oki

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