Condensed-Matter Physics & Materials Science Seminar

"Driven Dirac Materials"

Presented by Alexander Balatsky, Los Alamos National Laboratory

Thursday, October 27, 2016, 1:30 pm — Bldg. 734, ISB Seminar Rm. 201 (upstairs)

Dirac Materials exhibit nodes in the spectra that result in the strong energy dependence of the Density of States (DOS). Collective many
body instabilities in Dirac Materials are controlled by the dimensionless DOS. Hence the driven and nonequilibrium Dirac Materials offer a platform for
investigation of collective instabilities of Dirac nodes via controlled tuning of the coupling constants with drive. I will present the results of investigation of the many body instabilities, like excitonic instabilities, in driven Dirac Materials. Recent optical pump experiments are consistent with the creation of long lived states
away from equilibrium in Dirac Materials.

Hosted by: Robert Konik

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