CFN Colloquium

"Tricking Block Copolymers into Forming New Morphologies"

Presented by Kevin Yager, CFN / BNL

Thursday, March 16, 2017, 4:00 pm — CFN, Bldg 735, 2nd Floor Seminar Room

Block copolymer self-assembly allows the rapid formation of
nanostructures over wide areas. Yet, the range of possible patterns is fairly limited. I will present emerging strategies for constructing three-dimensional nanostructures whose shapes and symmetries go beyond those of the bulk equilibrium diblock copolymer phase diagram.
Photo-thermal methods are used to accelerate assembly, and control block copolymer ordering and orientation. Self-assembly is known to be pathway-dependent, which can be exploited to select a particular nano-pattern. Ordered layers can be stacked to yield new lattice symmetries. This multi-layered ordering can be performed in a responsive
mode, where each self-assembled layer templates the ones that follow. Taken together, these new motifs point towards the ability to construct designed, multi-functional 3D nanostructures.

Hosted by: Oleg Gang

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