HET Lunch Discussions

"B-decay Anomalies in a Composite Leptoquark Model"

Presented by Christopher Murphy, BNL

Friday, February 17, 2017, 12:15 pm — Building 510, Room 2-160

The collection of a few anomalies in semileptonic $B$-decays, especially in $b \to c \tau \bar{\nu}$ invites us to speculate about the emergence of some striking new phenomena, perhaps interpretable in terms of a weakly broken $U(2)^n$ flavor symmetry and of leptoquark mediators. Here we aim at a partial UV completion of this interpretation by generalizing the minimal composite Higgs model to include a composite vector leptoquark as well.

Reference: arXiv:1611.04930 w/ R. Barbieri and F. Senia

Hosted by: Christoph Lehner

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