RIKEN Lunch Seminar

"Path-integral formula for local thermal equilibrium"

Presented by Masaru Hongo, RIKEN

Thursday, February 23, 2017, 12:30 pm — Building 510, Room 2-160

Relativistic hydrodynamics is formulated based on the assumption that systems are almost in local thermal equilibrium. However, a quantum field theoretical way to handle such a locally thermalized system has not been clearly clarified. In this study, we develop a complete path-integral formulation of relativistic quantum fields in local thermal equilibrium, which brings about the emergence of thermally induced curved spacetime. The obtained path-integral formula for local thermal equilibrium enables us to derive nondissipative part of hydrodynamic constitutive relations based on symmetry arguments. As one application, we discuss a field theoretical derivation of anomalous hydrodynamics which captures the chiral magnetic/vortical effects.

Hosted by: Hiromichi Nishimura

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