Chemistry Department Seminar

"Methane reforming with CO2 over Ni-Co/CeZrO2 catalysts"

Presented by Dr. Petar Djinovic, Department for Environmental Sciences and Engineering, Slovenia

Tuesday, November 28, 2017, 11:00 am — Chemistry Bldg, 555, Room 300

Methane reforming with CO2 presents a possible pathway for valorization of natural gas or biogas to syngas (H2 and CO). Transition metal catalysts suffer from fast deactivation, mainly due to carbon accumulation. This lecture will focus on systematic development of bimetallic NiCo catalysts dispersed over CeZrO2 supports with the final realized aim of enabling long-term stable operation in a wide range of feed compositions. The role of bimetallic cluster size and amount of labile oxygen species in the CeZrO2 support on preventing the carbon accumulation will be discussed.
Catalytic tests with isotopically labeled 13CO2, enabled us to identify the contribution of each reactant to the accumulated carbon pool and to distinguish between their reactivity.
By replacing lattice oxygen contained in NiCo/CeZrO2 catalysts with isotopically labelled 18O, we were able to monitor transient changes of the catalyst's behavior during methane dry reforming reaction and identify the destination of lattice oxygen in the reaction products.

Hosted by: Dr. Jose Rodriguez

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