Particle Physics Seminar

"Measurement of LAr purity using Cosmic Muons"

Presented by Monica Nunes, IFGW/UNICAMP, Brazil

Monday, March 4, 2019, 3:00 pm — 3-209B, Bldg. 510

LArIAT is an experiment based on a LArTPC aiming to study relevant cross sections of charged particles with argon as well as the development of the related instrumentation. Charged particle crossing the detector excite and ionize the argon atoms and the electrons generated by the ionization are drifted in an electric field towards the anodic wire planes of the TPC. With electronegative impurities in the liquid argon, the amount of charge collected by the wires is going to be smaller and affect the quality of the results obtained in the experiment. Cosmic muons that cross the TPC between beam spills is a valuable tool for measuring the liquid argon purity inside the detector. With the electron lifetime obtained with the purity analysis based on cosmics, is possible to correct data used for all other studies based on charge collection of the LArTPC. In this seminar, I'll present the method and the results obtained in the LArIAT experiment. I'll also present other tasks that I performed on LArIAT during my PhD research.

Hosted by: Mary Bishai

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