Chemistry Department Seminar

"Chemical and Electrochemical Studies of Half-Sandwich Rhodium Complexes"

Presented by James D. Blakemore, Dept. of Chemistry, University of Kansas

Tuesday, July 2, 2019, 10:00 am — Room 300, Chemistry Bldg. 555

Understanding the management of protons and electrons (reducing equivalents) by transition metal compounds is an active area of research, in part because of the role of reduced and/or protonated complexes in catalysis and energy conversion. We have been studying the chemistry of half-sandwich rhodium complexes in this regard, in order to reveal the influence of ligand structure on the outcomes of reduction and protonation reactions. Here, recent results on use of hybrid [P,N] and dipyridylmethane [N,N] chelate ligands will be discussed, including preparation and characterization of new compounds, chemical and electrochemical experiments aimed at elucidating new reactivity patterns, and studies of hydrogen evolution. Taken together, the results suggest that relatively underexplored ligands, as analogues of common diimine and diphosphine chelates, offer interesting new opportunities for influencing the properties and reactivity of metal complexes with protons and electrons.

Hosted by: Etsuko Fujita

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