CSI Q Seminar

"Integrating ballistic graphene with superconducting resonators - A new building block for detectors and quantum circuits"

Presented by Olli Saira, BNL

Wednesday, December 11, 2019, 1:30 pm — Training Room, Bldg 725

I present measurements of a bolometer device based on boron nitride-encapsulated graphene operating at temperatures of 300 mK and below. Our experiment probes the exquisite properties of graphene that make it an appealing material for detector applications. First, the specific heat of electronic excitations in graphene is low, promising excellent sensitivity as a thermal photodetector. Second, at low temperatures, superconductivity can be induced in a localized region within the flake. This enables the integration of graphene with superconducting microwave circuits routinely used in quantum processors and astronomical detector arrays. Our initial results demonstrate the operating principle of a graphene bolometer with resonator-coupled temperature readout. However, we also observed unexpected heat leakage out of the flake in our first-generation device, which prevented it from reaching its full theoretical performance.

Hosted by: Layla Hormozi

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