Chemistry Department Colloquium

"Redox Hopping Water Oxidation Catalysis by Metal Organic Frameworks"

Presented by Amanda Morris, Virginia Tech, Dept. of Chemistry

Monday, March 9, 2020, 11:00 am — Hamilton Seminar Room, Bldg. 555

Metal organic frameworks (MOFs) are supramolecular architectures comprised of metal nodes connected by multi-dentate organic/inorganic linkers. Incorporation of molecular chromophores into these solid-state structures has been exploited to develop luminescent sensors, light emitting diodes, photovoltaics, and photo/electro-catalysts. In terms of catalysis, the high surface area of MOFs can be exploited to produce a higher catalytic rate per geometric area than those realized by other approaches. The crux of catalysis, however, is diffusion. The Morris group has explored the diffusion of electrons and ions through MOFs as a function of applied electric field. The results indicate that under most cases, as expected, ion motion is restricted through the 3D MOF networks. The effect of ion size and electronic self-exchange rates will be presented. Additionally, the effect of 3D MOF structure and pore size will be discussed. We will conclude with a discussion of the implications for electrocatalytic water oxidation with respect to catalytic rate and turnovers.

Hosted by: Gerald Manbeck

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