HET Seminar

"Lepton flavour violating decays into axion-like particles"

Presented by Lorenzo Calibbi, Nankai University

Wednesday, April 29, 2020, 10:00 am — Webcast

Pseudo Nambu-Goldstone bosons (also known as axion-like particles) with flavour-violating couplings to the Standard Model (SM) fermions are a rather generic consequence of spontaneously-broken global U(1) symmetries, e.g. if the SM fermions carry flavour non-universal charges. A possible consequence is the occurrence of flavour-violating decays of hadrons and leptons into light axion-like particles. These exotic signatures are a powerful probe of such kind of scenarios. I will discuss the phenomenological consequences at future experiments, focusing in particular on searches for lepton flavour violation, and compare their sensitivity to the symmetry-breaking scale with bounds from stellar evolution. Bluejeans link is https://bluejeans.com/767813754.

Hosted by: Peter Denton

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