NSLS-II Friday Lunchtime Seminar

"Quantum materials meet coherent x-rays"

Presented by Xiaoqian Chen, NSLS-II

Friday, July 31, 2020, 12:00 pm — Zoom Invitation

Quantum materials are a class of materials whose properties are deeply rooted in quantum mechanical processes. A few examples include unconventional superconductors and magnets, topological insulators, and multiferroics. Phase nonuniformity and dynamics in quantum materials play a crucial role in deciding their ground states. This calls for a microscopic tool that is also sensitive to a wide range of dynamical time scales. In this talk, I will discuss why synchrotron coherent x-rays are an ideal tool. I will review recent developments in this field with an emphasis on the speckle correlation analysis performed at NSLSII, and discuss some future topics to explore.

Hosted by: Ignace Jarrige

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