Particle Physics Seminar

"MeV-Scale Physics with Large Liquid Argon TPCs"

Presented by Dr William Foreman, Illinois tech

Thursday, August 27, 2020, 3:00 pm — Webcast

Liquid argon time projection chambers (LArTPCs) are powerful detectors that combine millimeter-scale particle tracking with calorimetric capabilities, and their scalability makes them ideally suited for studying neutrino interactions. A LArTPC capability that has received relatively less attention is their low-energy threshold, which enables the study of phenomena down to the MeV scale. Here we will highlight the results from recent truth-level Monte Carlo simulations which demonstrate physics capabilities enabled by reconstruction of topologically compact and isolated low-energy features, or `blips,' in large liquid argon time projection chamber events. We show that consideration of reconstructed blips in LArTPCs can improve calorimetry for neutrino and new physics interactions and for final-state particles ranging in energy from the MeV to the GeV scale. Blip activity analysis is also shown to enable discrimination between interaction channels and final-state particle types.

Hosted by: Hanyu Wei

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