CSI Q Seminar

"Quantum-Limited Squeezed Light Detection with a Camera"

Presented by Elisha Siddiqui, BNL

Wednesday, September 30, 2020, 12:00 pm — https://bluejeans.com/780405608?src=calendarLink

Squeezed light has become an important resource int the field of quantum optics and information, as more and more optical technologies are crossing the boundary into the quantum realm. Squeezed quantum states have been successfully applied in continuous-variable quantum communication protocols and in improving performance of optical sensors.

In this talk I will present a technique for squeezed light detection based on direct imaging of the displaced-squeezed-vacuum state using a CCD camera. I will show that the squeezing parameter can be accurately estimated using only the first two moments of the recorded pixel-to-pixel photon fluctuation statistics, with accuracy that rivals that of the standard squeezing detection methods such as a balanced homodyne detection. Finally, I will share numerically simulated results of the camera operation, reproducing the noisy experimental results with low signal samplings and confirming the theory with high signal samplings.

Hosted by: Leo Fang

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