CSI Q Seminar

"Driven-dissipative phase transition in a Kerr oscillator: From semi-classical PT symmetry to quantum fluctuations"

Presented by Xin Zhang, Duke University

Tuesday, October 6, 2020, 2:00 pm — https://bluejeans.com/938277534?src=calendarLink

Due to interest in non-equilibrium physics and rapid advances of quantum simulation, quantum systems subject to dissipation, referred to as open quantum systems, have attracted increasing attention. However, because of their additional complexity compared with traditional closed systems, open quantum many-body physics has been obscure. Here, we study open quantum many-body physics using a minimal model, namely a Kerr non-linear oscillator subject to driving and dissipation. Both numerical and analytical solutions are provided for this model. It contains surprisingly rich physics: a quantum phase transition, PT symmetry, critical scaling, and state squeezing. Because of the model's simplicity and solubility, it can serve as a paradigm for exploring open quantum many-body physics.

Hosted by: Leo Fang

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