CFN Virtual Colloquium

"Hyperuniform States of Matter and Their Novel Bulk Properties"

Presented by Salvatore Torquato, Princeton University

Thursday, October 1, 2020, 4:00 pm —

The hyperuniformity concept provides a unified means to classify and structurally characterize all perfect crystals, perfect quasicrystals, and exotic disordered states at large length scales. Disordered hyperuniform many-particle systems [1,2] can be regarded to be new states of disordered matter in that they behave more like crystals or quasicrystals in the manner in which they suppress large-scale density fluctuations, and yet are also like liquids and glasses because they are statistically isotropic structures with no Bragg peaks. Thus, these special correlated disordered materials possess
"hidden order" that is not apparent on large length scales. A variety of groups have discovered that disordered hyperuniform materials possess desirable photonic and electronic bandgap properties [2]. More recently, we have shown that they possess nearly optimal transport and elastic properties [3,4]. I will review the salient ideas behind the hyperuniformity concept and procedures to design a variety of different disordered hyperuniform materials as well as their corresponding physical properties, including novel electromagnetic, transport and mechanical characteristics.
It has been a challenge to create very large samples, either numerically or experimentally, that are hyperuniform with high fidelity. I will discuss recent progress that we have made in this direction [5,6] and its implications for novel physical properties.

1. S. Torquato and F. H. Stillinger, "Local Density Fluctuations, Hyperuniform Systems, and Order Metrics," Phys. Rev. E, 68, 041113 (2003).

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5. D. Chen, E. Lomba and S. Torquato, "Binary Mixtures of Charged Colloids: A Potential Route to Synthesize Disordered Hyperuniform Materials," Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 20, 17557 (2018).

6. Z. Ma, E. Lomba, and S. Torquato, Optimized Large Hyperuniform Binary Colloidal Suspensions in Two Dimensions, Phys. Rev. Lett., 125 068002 (2020).

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Hosted by: Alexei Tkachenko

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