Particle Physics Seminar

"Enlightening the properties of the Higgs boson with the ATLAS Experiment using full Run-2 LHC data"

Presented by Gaetano Barone, BNL

Thursday, January 14, 2021, 3:00 pm — Webcast

Abstract: The full Run-2 proton—proton collision data at the LHC marks the unlocking of the precision understanding of the Higgs boson properties. I will be giving a comprehensive overview of the study of the Higgs boson properties with full Run-2 data at the LHC in the ZZ, WW, and gamma gamma final states. Firstly the analysis leading to the precise measurement of the Higgs mass and its width, free parameter of the Standard Model (SM) and input to several new predictions, will be explained. Secondly, the talk will cover the results on the differential and fiducial cross sections that have been measured down to the precision of the percent in the ZZ and gamma gamma channels, thus, allowing to probe the Higgs Lagrangian structure, for stringent tests of the SM, as well for tight limits on interpretations in the context of effective field theories. Lastly, the probes on light fermion Yukawa couplings via decays in the elusive di-muon and di-electron final states released by the LHC will be discussed. With these topics this seminar will give a picture of the state-of-the art of the understanding of the Higgs boson properties from precision measurements at the LHC, and it will highlight the challenges from the upcoming LHC Run-3 and as well as its future runs.

Hosted by: Elizabeth Brost

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