RBRC Seminar

"Towards resolving the QCD phase structure with Discontinuous Galerkin Methods"

Presented by Ihsse Friederike

Thursday, March 31, 2022, 9:30 am — Videoconference / Virtual Event (see link below)

Abstract: In my talk I will discuss the phase structure of the two-flavour quark-meson model including quantum, thermal, density and critical fluctuations with the functional renormalisation group (FRG).
This study combines two technical advances, which are of great importance for the quantitative access of the phase boundary of QCD at large density or baryon chemical potential:

I will show how Discontinuous Galerkin methods (DGM) can be used to solve the RG-equations for a low energy effective model of QCD including quarks and mesons at finite temperatures and chemical potential. A full local potential approximation includes an effective mesonic potential as well as a (meson) field-dependent Yukawa coupling. The resolution of these advanced approximations requires numerical techniques such as
DGM. Within this approach we map out the chiral phase structure, and in particular capture the underlying shock development process to the first order phase transition at high densities.

I close with a discussion and outline of our current projects. Here we employ the C++ library DUNE to investigate the Lee-Yang zeroes in the FRG and further investigations of competing order effects at large density.

Hosted by: Vladi Skokov

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