Particle Physics Seminar

"A portal to the dark sector - searching for dark sector bosons in Higgs decays"

Presented by Christian Weber, BNL

Thursday, June 16, 2022, 3:00 pm — Videoconference / Virtual Event (see link below)

Abstract: Observational evidence for Dark Matter suggests that the Standard Model is not a complete description of the universes' matter and field content. Theoretical efforts to improve this situation often involve the postulation of a 'dark' or 'hidden' particle sector. These particles are generally conceptualized as non-interacting with their Standard Model counterparts, but can attain effective couplings to the Standard Model sector. This makes dark sector searches at colliders possible.
One attractive way to search for dark sector particles is via the exotic decay of Higgs Bosons. Its branching ratio to non-standard decays is only constrained to be smaller than 30%. This, along with its narrow decay width, would allow for an even small coupling to exotic particles to yield a sizable branching ratio.
One such possible process is the decay of the Higgs to one or two beyond standard model vector bosons. The ATLAS collaboration recently published such a search in the four-lepton final state: H → XX/ZX → 4l. I will discuss this analysis and present plans for followup searches.

Hosted by: Elizabeth Brost

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