HET Seminar

"The Universe as a Lab for New Physics Across Cosmic Times"

Presented by Cora Dvorkin, Harvard University

Thursday, October 27, 2022, 10:00 am — Hybrid: Bldg. 510 Small Seminar Room


The last few decades have witnessed the birth and rapid progress of high-precision cosmology.

Cosmological observations and galaxy dynamics have shown us that 84% of all matter in the universe is composed of dark matter, which is not accounted for by the Standard Model of particles. The nature and interactions of dark matter remain one of the great puzzles of fundamental physics.

The wealth of knowledge which is and will soon be available from astrophysical surveys will reveal new information about our universe. In this talk, I will discuss new ways to use current and upcoming astrophysical data sets to improve our understanding of the particle content of our universe both at large and small scales.

Hosted by: Peter Denton

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