Brookhaven Lecture

"433rd Brookhaven Lecture: 'Fueling Up with Hydrogen: New Approaches to Hydrogen Storage'"

Presented by Jason Graetz, Ph.D., Energy Sciences & Technology Department

Wednesday, February 20, 2008, 4:00 pm — Berkner Hall Auditorium

Hydrogen, the most abundant element in the universe, burns excellently and cleanly, with only pure water as a byproduct. NASA has used hydrogen as fuel for years in the space program. So, why not use hydrogen to fuel cars? The bottleneck of developing hydrogen-fueled vehicles has been identified: the greatest problem is storage. The conventional storage method, compressed hydrogen gas, requires a large tank volume, and the possibility of a tank rupture poses a significant safety risk. Another method, low temperature liquid storage, is expensive and impractical for most automotive applications. An alternative is to store the hydrogen in the solid state.<br /><br /> In his talk, Jason Graetz will describe the new approaches to hydrogen storage being studied by his group at BNL. These include using kinetically stabilized hydrides, bialkali alanates and reversible metal-organic hydrides. The researchers are also using novel synthesis approaches, state-of-the-art characterization and first principles modeling, all providing a better fundamental understanding of these interesting and useful new materials.

Hosted by: Brant Johnson and Fulvia Pilat

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