Chemistry Department Colloquium

"The sigma-CAM mechanism: The dance of sigma-complexes that achieves metathesis at late transition metals"

Presented by Professor Robin Perutz, University of York, Dept. of Chemistry, U.K.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008, 11:00 am — Room 300, Chemistry Bldg.555

A sigma-bond, as in H2, can act as a donor to a metal resulting in a dihydrogen complex. This is best known of the class of sigma complexes but others are formed by boranes, silanes and alkanes. In this seminar, I will show how studies of rapid rearrangements have brought about the realization that sigma complexes can provide the key to interconversion of functional groups at a late transition metal without change of oxidation state. We call this the sigma-CAM mechanism and it is quite distinct from the usual mechanisms of metathesis. (see Angew Chem 2007, 46, 2578-2592). I will also describe experiments designed to detect sigma-complexes as reaction intermediates.

Hosted by: Etsuko Fujita

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