Chemistry Department Seminar

"PEM-Based Water Electrolysis for Current and Future Hydrogen Markets: Research Advances and Challenges"

Presented by Katherine Ayers, Proton Energy Systems

Tuesday, April 14, 2009, 10:30 am — Room 300, Chemistry Bldg. 555

Proton Energy Systems is the world's leading suppliers of onsite hydrogen generators utlizing PEM technology, with over 1400 commercial electrolyzers in the field and outputs up to 12 kg/day of hydrogen. The current stack design, which generates hydrogen at differential pressures of 200-400 psi, has demonstrated safe and reliable performances over tens of thousands of hours of operation. Current research efforts focus on a) efficiency and cost improvements for today's applications, b) development of larger cell stacks and systems for fueling applications up to 100 kg/day, and c) design of higher pressure cell stacks from 2400 to 5000 psi differential pressure for backup power applications. Progress to date includes an almost 20% improvement in efficiency in stack performance, while cost reduction efforts for the cell stack membrane-electrode-assembly (MEA) have netted nearly a 30% savings in MEA material cost. This is significant considering MEA represents the single highest cost component within the electrochemical stack. This talk will focus recent materials leading to these achievements and research challenges for the future.

Hosted by: Alex Harris

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