Chemistry Department Seminar

"Chemical Engineering Applications of Electrochemistry at Columbia University"

Presented by Alan West, Columbia University

Thursday, October 1, 2009, 11:00 am — Room 300, Bldg. 555

A brief overview of the research interests of the Chemical Engineering Department of Columbia University is presented. Our research program, centered on chemical engineering applications of electrochemistry, is discussed in more detail. After outlining the focus of current projects in the group, the electrodeposition of copper wires that serve to connect transistors on advanced logic chips is discussed. The width of the smallest wires will approach 20 nm in the next few years. Based on an understanding of reaction mechanisms, it is possible to design electrolytes that enable successful, defect-free plating of these smallest features. The multi-scale nature of the design constraints is also demonstrated through transport considerations that are relevant on the scale of the entire wafer (300 mm). In both examples, we emphasize the role of surface-active organic additives on the nucleation and growth of copper.

Hosted by: Alex Harris

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