NSLS-II Seminar

"High-Energy X-Ray Optics Development (50-150 keV) at the APS"

Presented by Sarvjit Shastri, APS, Argonne National Laboratory

Thursday, January 21, 2010, 10:30 am — NSLS-II, Bldg. 703 Large Conference Room

Due to its high electron beam energy (7 GeV) and small source size/divergence, the Advanced Photon Source (APS) is a brilliant source of high-energy x-rays, which are often the scattering probe of choice for various types of investigations in materials and condensed matter systems. The APS beamline 1-ID is dedicated to this photon energy range in regard to research applications and beam-delivering optics. The high-energy x-ray optics at 1-ID and its performance will be primarily presented, including monochromatization to various energy resolutions (using bent and flat crystals), refractive lenses for focusing and collimation, brilliance preservation, stability issues, and ongoing development.
Applications enabled by the optics will be mentioned, such as materials deformation studies, pair distribution function measurements, high-pressure diffraction, high-energy fluorescence, and resonant diffraction at heavy element K edges. Optics upgrades at other APS high-energy beamlines will also be discussed.

Hosted by: Yong Cai

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