Particle Physics Seminar

"Measuring Luminosity Dependent Quasar Clustering"

Presented by Jessica Kirkpatric, Berkeley

Wednesday, November 2, 2011, 2:00 pm — Building 510 / Room 2-160

Whether luminous quasars reside in dark matter halos of the same mass and accrete at different rates, or, live in haloes of different masses, and accretion is near the Eddington limit, is still an open question. Here, we present measurements of the luminosity-dependence of quasar clustering, using data from the SDSS, 2SLAQ QSO and the new SDSS-III: BOSS Quasar surveys, allowing us to span ~4 magnitudes in luminosity, at a given redshift. Using a cross-correlation technique, we measure the clustering of ~3100 0.5<z<1.0 spectroscopic quasars with 5.4 million photometric galaxies brighter than $i-$band = 23.75, selected from the CFHT survey on Stripe-82 (CS82). We find a strong detection of clustering in the cross-correlation and will discuss the amplitude of the clustering, as a function of redshift, luminosity, black-hole mass and Eddington ratio of the quasar sample.

Hosted by: Anze Slosar

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