BWIS Sponsored Event

"A step closer in the understanding of Alzheimer's Disease"

Presented by Ya Ha, Yale University

Thursday, November 10, 2011, 4:00 pm — Berkner Hall Auditorium

Genetic mutations in the presenilin protein are known to cause Alzheimer's Disease. Presenilin is a multipass transmembrane protein. Going through the cell membrane multiple times it uses water to break other membrane proteins inside the water-excluding environment of the lipid bilayer, but how it catalyzes this highly unusual reaction is unclear. To help answer this question, we used a method called X-ray crystallography to determine the atomic structure of FlaK, a protein that is a close relative of presenilin. The knowledge of FlaK's atomic structure will help to shed light on presenilin's shape and function, which in turn could reveal new opportunities to treat or prevent Alzheimer's in its more common forms.

Hosted by: Firoza Zanoni

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