Atmospheric Sciences Division Seminar

"Observing Cloud Microphysics and Dynamics Using Radar Doppler Spectra"

Presented by Ed Luke, Atmospheric Sciences Division

Friday, November 18, 2011, 11:00 am — Bldg. 815E

In order to adequately understand the role of clouds and improve their parameterization in numerical models, fundamental (process) studies on all scales important to cloud formation, evolution and dissipation are required. Observational data sets are a crucial element of such studies because many cloud processes, such as precipitation formation, entrainment, and ice crystal evolution, remain insufficiently understood. One such observational data set is the radar Doppler spectrum that reports the full distribution of the return echo over a range of Doppler velocities and thus provides detailed information about cloud microphysics and dynamics. However, connecting the recorded Doppler spectrum to the physical variables of interest is not straightforward and hindered by a number of factors. Here, a number of recent advancements in the way we approach and interpret radar Doppler spectra are presented along with a brief historical introduction and a look at future applications.

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