Center for Functional Nanomaterials Seminar

"Synthesis, Processing, and Characterization of Magnetic Nanoparticles for use in Bit-Patterned Media"

Presented by Aaron Johnston-Peck, North Carolina State University

Monday, November 21, 2011, 11:00 am — Bldg. 735 - Conf Rm A

Superparamagnetism now curtails any significant additional increases of areal density in magnetic storage that relies on conventional granular media. Bit-patterned media (BPM) is a potential replacement for granular media because it circumvents current design limitations by using discrete magnetic elements, where each element is capable of functioning as an individual bit. However, numerous engineering challenges exist before BPM, which requires wafer-scale assemblies of discrete ferromagnetic dots that have approximately uniform magnetic behavior and spacing, can be commercialized. The self-assembly of ferromagnetic nanoparticles into ordered arrays has been identified as a possible production route of BPM. Results from projects that address current challenges in the fabrication process will be presented, this will include discussion of the synthesis, assembly, and structural and magnetic characterization of Co, Ni and FePt nanoparticles.

Hosted by: Eric Stach

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