Chemistry Department Seminar

"Gas Phase Inorganic Chemistry: Spectroscopy of Metal-Containing Molecules"

Presented by Dr. Peter Bernath, Old Dominion University, Norfolk, VA

Thursday, January 26, 2012, 10:00 am — Room 300 - Chemistry Bldg. 555

A variety of simple metal-containing molecules have been synthesized in the gas phase and studied by infrared emission or laser excitation spectroscopy. For example, the metal dihydrides BeH2 and HgH2 were made a high temperature furnace combined with an electrical discharge and detected via vibration-rotation emission spectroscopy. The monovalent metal-ligand species SrNH2, SrCH3, and CaBH4 were made in a laser-ablation molecular jet source and high resolution laser excitation spectra recorded. The analysis of calcium monoborohydride completes the isoelectronic CaF, CaOH, CaNH2, CaCH3 and CaBH4 family of molecules. These species are simple models for more complex inorganic compounds and some of them are found in energetic environments such as flames and stellar atmospheres.

Hosted by: Trevor Sears

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