Physics Colloquium

"Physics Prospects and Status of SuperKEKB/Belle II"

Presented by Yoshihide Sakai, KEK

Tuesday, May 15, 2012, 3:30 pm — Hamilton Seminar Room, Bldg. 555

After successful operation over 10 years, asymmetric e+e- B-Factory collider KEB and Belle experiment were shutdown in June 2010 to to start the upgrade for SuperKEKB. The SuperKEKB upgrade project aims the peak luminosity of
8 x 10^35 which is 40 times higher than current world record luminosity achieved by KEKB, and data 50 ab^-1 about 50 times of current Belle data). The project has been fully approved and the construction of accelerator and upgrade of detector (Belle II) are on going with a schedule of starting accelerator commissioning in JFY2014.
The primary physics goal of SuperKEKB is to explore New Physics beyond the Standard Model (SM), stepping forward from the verification of CP violation and the SM by the B-Factory in "Luminosity Frontier". It is complementary with "Energy Frontier" such as LHC and essential to fully explore New Physics. Physics prospects at SuperKEKB and the features/status of the SuperKEKB and Belle II upgrades are reported.

Hosted by: Taku Izubuchi

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