C-AD Accelerator Physics Seminar

"“Overview of GANIL Facility, and DESIR Facility: objective end equipments"

Presented by Laurent Serani, & Franck Varenne, CENBG & GANIL, France

Tuesday, June 5, 2012, 4:00 pm — Bldg 911B Rm A202

GANIL as literal acronym “Large national accelerator of heavy ions” is a French instrument dedicated to fundamental research in physics of the nucleus.
The next upgrade of GANIL will be the SPIRAL2 project. In the framework of the SPIRAL2 project several additions were decided. One of them is the DESIR (Désintégration, Excitation et Stockage des Ions Radioactifs Decay, excitation and storage of radioactive beams) facility. First of all the speaker will introduce the three complementary sources of ion beams. Then the DESIR facility will be presented through the three main equipment types. This talk will end by a detailed presentation of two general purpose equipments developed at the CENBG. The first one is the GPIB (General Purpose Ion Buncher) and the second one is the HRS (High Resolution Separator).

Hosted by: Coordinator - C. Liu, A. Zhang

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