C-AD Accelerator Physics Seminar

"“Superconducting LINAC and other SRF Activities at IUAC”"

Presented by Subhendu Ghosh, Inter University Accelerator Center, Aruna Asaf Ali Marg, New Delhi, India

Tuesday, June 26, 2012, 4:00 pm — 911B Room A202

The superconducting linear accelerator of IUAC is designed to have five cryostats, accommodating a total number of twenty seven niobium quarter wave resonators (QWR) out of which the first twelve QWRs were fabricated in collaboration with Argonne National Lab. At present, the first two accelerating modules along with the superbuncher and rebuncher cryostats are operational and ion beams from Pelletron accelerator are being further accelerated by linac and delivered to conduct scheduled experiments. The remaining last accelerating module is being commissioned now and the acceleration of the ion beam from the complete linac is expected during the autumn of this year.
The fabrication facility of niobium resonator at IUAC is extensively used for fabricating the QWR for the linac of IUAC and about 20 complete resonators have been fabricated so far using this facility. In addition, two niobium spoke resonators (650 MHz) are being fabricated for Fermilab.
At present, a plan to develop a light source facility at IUAC is being conceived. Initially, the facility will be confined up to THz/IR limit and later, it will be expanded up to UV/X-ray limit to deliver a wide spectrum of electromagnetic radiation to the experimental community.
The superconducting linac and other SRF activity along with the preliminary plans to develop a FEL facility at IUAC will be presented in the seminar.

Hosted by: Chuyu Liu, Ilan Ben-Zvi

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