C-AD Accelerator Physics Seminar

""Spin Manipulation with RF Wien Filters 1) Spin Rotation 2) EDM effect""

Presented by Yannis K. Semertzidis, BNL Physics Dept

Friday, August 17, 2012, 4:00 pm — 911B, Rm A202, Large Conference Room

Abstract: “RF Wien filters running at a spin resonance don’t influence the particle motion. However, they do influence the particle spins. Depending on their orientation they can be used to rotate (flip) the particle spins from up to down or other desired orientation as any RF-dipole would. Rotating the RF Wien filter around its axis by 90 degrees, it can be used to probe the electric dipole moment of the stored particles in a magnetic ring. I will show how one can study the systematic errors and the strength of the method for both purposes.”

Hosted by: Chuyu Liu

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