Louis Pelosi

When did you join Brookhaven Lab, and how did you find your way here?

I started in September of 2019. One of my coworkers from a previous job had mentioned a job posting to me and I was always very interested in being a part of Brookhaven National Lab. I first got to work at the Laboratory on the solar farm when I was an electrician working for Hawkeye Electric, so it was exciting to be able to come back.

What is your job at Brookhaven?

Senior Technology Analyst - Web Services at the Scientific Data and Computing Center (SDCC)

What inspires your work here?

It's exciting for me to play a small part in the next-level research that happens here. I enjoy the talks about quantum computing and seeing where the future goes with it. Being a part of the Lab means that I get a front-row seat to its growth.

What is your favorite story about your job?

Personally, it was presenting virtually at the 2020 HEPiX conference, which brings together system administrators, system engineers, and managers from the High Energy Physics and Nuclear Physics laboratories and institutes. I had never been a part of something on a global scale like that. It was amazing to see how much collaboration went on with all the different labs and groups.

What future activity at the Lab are you most excited about?

Quantum computing in general is a very exciting thing. I look forward to seeing its potential uses and how the Lab utilizes it.