(Fourth Week)

Chairman: S.L. Wipf, Atomics International


Although the Fourth of July cut this week to three days, Stefan Wipf compressed into this period not only a brilliant survey of the problems of instabilities and at effects in superconductors, but also a half-day review of the status of flux pumps. Particularly notable in the first category were the review papers by Hart of General Electric and by Chairman Wipf. Some very imaginative ideas in the field of superconducting transmission systems were outlined by Nahman of the Bureau of Standards who thinks not only of transmitting power but also of transmission in the same system of information and of cryogenic liquids.


Following papers were submitted for publication:


Ac Losses in Superconductors

     S.L. Wipf, Atomics International


Use of Superconductors in High Energy Physics

     J.P. Blewett, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Electrical Loss Measurements in a NbTi Magnet

     F. Voelker, Lawrence Radiation Laboratory, Berkeley


Ac Losses in Magnets made of Nb3Sn Ribbon

     G.H. Morgan and P.F. Dahl, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Dynamic Resistivity of Hard Superconductors in a Perpendicular Time Varying Field

     A. Altorfer, F. Caimi, and J.M. Rayroux, Oerlikon Engineering Company


Magnetic Instabilities and Solenoid Performance: Applications of the Critical State Model

     H.R. Hart, Jr., General Electric Company


Magnetic and Thermal Instabilities Observed to Commercial Nb3Sn Superconductors

     G. del Castillo and L.O. Oswald, Argonne National Laboratory


Observations of Flux Jump Behavior Related to Various Changes of Geometry, and Thermal  and Electrical Environment

     A.D. McInturff, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Instabilities and Flux Annihilation

     S.L. Wipf, Atomics International


Superconducting Transmission Lines Communication and Power

     N.S. Nahman, National Bureau of Standards, Boulder


Recent Developments in Superconductivity in Japan

     Presented by N. Takano, Tokyo Shibaura Electric Company


The Case for Flux Pumps and Some of Their Uses

     S.L. Wipf, Atomics International


Design Principles and Characteristics of the G.E. Flux Pump

     R.L. Rhodenizer, General Electric Company


Flux Pumps as Power Supplies in Comparison with Alternatives

     M.S. Lubell and K.R. Efferson, Oak Ridge National Laboratory


Flux Pump Work at Los Alamos

     H. Laquer, Los Alamos Scientific Laboratory


60 Hz Flux Pumps

     R.B. Britton, Brookhaven National Laboratory


Proposal for a Flux Pump Utilizing the Inverse Ettingshausen Effect in Hard Type II Superconductors in the Mixed State

     W.H. Bergmann, Argonne National Laboratory


Summary of the Fourth Week Ac Losses, Instability and Flux Pumps

     S.L. Wipf, Atomics International


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