General Lab Information

Gaining Site Access

Access to Brookhaven is available to those who have official business with the Laboratory, are properly sponsored by a Brookhaven employee, or are attending an event open to the public. U.S. citizens age 16 and over must bring photo-identification that has been issued by the federal government, such as a passport, or by your state government, such as a current driver’s license or a photo identification card issued to non-drivers by a state’s motor vehicles department. Non-U.S. citizens should see these requirements.

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Maps & Directions

Brookhaven National Laboratory is located on William Floyd Parkway, County Road 46, 1.5 miles north of Exit 68 of the Long Island Expressway. See our interactive Google Maps page for plotting the simplest route to BNL from your location.

Maps Page

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Public Events

Brookhaven Lab hosts concerts and lectures throughout the year which are free and open to the public.

Events Calendar

Summer Sundays

Exciting science shows, tours of world-class science facilities, and entertaining activities for children and adults are all part of the free fun and learning opportunities offered to the public by Brookhaven National Laboratory during the months of July and August. Dates vary from year to year. Please check for current dates before making a trip.

Visit by Appointment

We offer scheduled tours for college, university, professional and adult community groups of ten (10) or more (20 max.) with at least three weeks advance request. Learn more »

On Site Educational Programs & Internships

The Office of Educational Program's Science Learning Center offers programs to students in grades 1 through 12, featuring interactive exhibits, hands-on labs, and programs that demonstrate basic scientific principles using the inquiry method of teaching. Our Learning Center is open to chaperoned groups by reservation. Email the Office of Educational Programs or call (631) 344-4495.

Students coming to Brookhaven National Laboratory for internships or other long-duration visits need to visit the Office of Educational Programs information page for more information. Questions? Email or call (631) 344-4495.


List of hotels within a 30 minute drive of the Lab.

Staying On-site

BNL provides an array of housing options for visitors expecting to stay less than one year, including dormitories, apartments, efficiencies, and the Guest House. On site housing details.

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