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Laboratory Leadership Team

photo of Gibbs
Doon Gibbs

Laboratory Director

photo of Tribble
Robert Tribble

Deputy Director for Science and Technology

photo of Anderson
Jack Anderson

Deputy Director for Operations

photo of Misewich
James Misewich

Associate Lab Director for Energy and Photon Sciences

photo of Mueller
Berndt Mueller

Associate Lab Director for Nuclear & Particle Physics

photo of Schoonen
Martin Schoonen

Associate Lab Director for Env., Bio., Nuclear Science, and Nonproliferation

photo of Kleese van Dam
Kerstin Kleese van Dam

Director, Computational Science Initiative

photo of Clark
George Clark

Chief Financial Officer and Associate Lab Director, Business Services

photo of Lincoln
Robert Lincoln

Associate Lab Director, Human Resources

photo of Mattson
Gail Mattson

Associate Lab Director for Environment, Safety & Health

photo of Nunziata
Amy Nunziata

Associate Lab Director for Facilities & Operations

photo of Bates
Lanny Bates

Director, Campus Development Office

photo of Cheatham
Lee Cheatham

Director, Strategic Partnerships Office

photo of Hatton
Diane Hatton

Director, Planning, Performance & Quality Mgmt. Office

photo of Manning
David Manning

Director, Stakeholder & Community Relations Office

photo of Troutman
Anne Troutman

General Counsel

photo of Garbarino
Roy Garbarino

Internal Audit

Computational Science Initiative

Kerstin Kleese van Dam

Michael Ernst
Deputy Director

Robert Harrison
Chief Scientist

Barbara Chapman
Computer Science & Mathematics

Eric Lançon
BNL Scientific Data & Computing Center

Nicholas D'Imperio
Computational Science Laboratory

Kerstin Kleese van Dam (Interim)
Center for Data Driven Discovery

Nuclear and Particle Physics

Berndt Mueller
Associate Lab Director

David Lissauer
Deputy Associate Lab Director for High Energy Physics

Thomas Roser
Deputy Associate Lab Director for Accelerators, Collider-Accelerator Department

Wolfram Fischer
Accelerator Division

William Christie
Experimental Support & Facilities Division

Ferdinand Willeke
eRHIC Research & Development

Mark Palmer
Accelerator Test Facility

Cathy Cutler
Medical Isotope Research & Production

Hong Ma (Chair)
Physics Department

Graham Smith
Instrumentation Division

Peter Wanderer
Superconducting Magnet Division

Energy and Photon Sciences

James Misewich
Associate Lab Director

John Hill
Deputy Associate Lab Director

Emilio Mendez
Energy Sciences

Charles Black
Center for Functional Nanomaterials

Alex Harris (Chair)
Chemistry Division

Robert Konik (Chair)
Condensed Matter Physics & Materials Science Department

J. Patrick Looney (Chair)
Sustainable Energy Technologies Department

John Hill
NSLS-II Director

Ferdinand Willeke
Division Director Accelerator Systems

Paul Zschack
Division Director Photon Science Division

Environment, Biology, Nuclear Science, and Nonproliferation

Martin Schoonen
Associate Lab Director

Alice Cialella (Chair)
Environmental & Climate Sciences Department

William Horak (Chair)
Nuclear Science & Technology Department

Susan Pepper (Chair)
Nonproliferation & National Security Department

John Shanklin (Chair)
Biology Department

Stakeholder & Community Relations

David Manning (Director)

Nora Sundin (Manager)
Stakeholder Relations Office

Peter Genzer (Manager)
Media & Communications Office

Ken White (Manager)
Educational Programs Office


Business Services

George Clark
Chief Financial Officer and Associate Lab Director, Business Services

Barbara Carreras
Budget Office

Peter Ferrara
Fiscal Services Division

Tony Guadagni
Property and Procurement Management Division

Thomas Schlagel
Chief Information Officer

Brian Boyle
BNL Prime Contract

Facilities & Operations

Amy Nunziata
Associate Lab Director

Tom Daniels
Modernization Project Office

John Carney
Laboratory Protection Division

Edward Murphy
Energy & Utilities Division

Jeff Swenson
Staff Services Division

Ed Williams
Site Resources Division

Martin Fallier
Site Planning & Infrastructure Management Division

Environment, Safety & Health

Gail Mattson
Associate Lab Director

Jason Remien
Environmental Protection Division

Steven Coleman (Manager)
Radiological Controls Division

Ed Nowak (Manager)
Safety & Health Services Division

Human Resources

Robert Lincoln
Associate Lab Director

Kathleen Nasta
GUV Center

Shirley Kendall
Diversity & International Services

Denise DiMeglio

Tony Jones
Labor Relations

Margaret Sullivan
Talent Management

Joanna Hall
Compensation & HRIS

Joseph Falco
Occupatiaonal Medicine