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Information For Job Seekers

You will find a complete list of available postions on the Lab's Careers Website. This system provides the only mechanism for job candidates to upload their resume and apply for available positions. The Lab does not accept job applications or resumes by mail, email, fax, or any other means.

If the information on the BNL Careers Website did not answer your employment question, then enable the feedback form and submit your inquiry.

Shipping to the Laboratory

All materials purchased for BNL must be processed through Central Receiving (unless a Receiving Exception is documented and approved) to maintain adequate control and separation of responsibilities.

All deliveries must arrive at Building 98 on Rochester Street by 4 p.m. EST, Monday through Friday. Any delivery past the daily deadline or outside normal work days will NOT be accepted unless advanced notification was provided and arrangements were made through Receiving (631) 344-2300.

Each shipping container (transport package) with a gross weight equal to or greater than 400 pounds (180 kilograms) or having an offset center of gravity requires special material handling/rigging by BNL personnel. The shipper shall provide a minimum of 3 days' advance notice of delivery by contacting BNL Warehouse Operations at (631) 344-2300 or

The shipper must obtain acknowledgement from BNL Warehouse Operations that delivery notification was received. This applies to any item shipped (originally packaged or repackaged) to BNL or other locations cited in the PO or contract. Failure to contact BNL will result in delays during delivery and any resulting demurrage will be at the shipper's expense.

Each shipping container (transport package) having an offset center of gravity shall also have its center of gravity location marked on the packaging for safe material handling purposes.

The only exceptions to delivering to Central Receiving are premium shipments and purchased materials for approved satellite receiving locations: buildings 452, 510, 729, 740 and 918.

Contacting Someone at Brookhaven Lab

You may use the BNL Staff Directory to obtain contact information (phone number, email address, etc.) for anyone who works at the Lab. You will also find department-specific contact information on the respective department websites. Our scientists and support staff are busy conducting research, so please understand that if you contact someone at the Lab directly, then you may not receive a response. Therefore, we ask that you submit your general inquiry for a Lab employee (or for a scientist working in a specific field of research) through the feedback form below. A member of the Lab's Media & Communications Office will coordinate with the appropriate researcher to provide a reply to your inquiry, if necessary.

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Use the form below to contact the Human Resources Division. Provide a detailed description of the problem you are having with BNL's Candidate Gateway. If possible, include the URL (web address) of the web page where the problem is occurring.

Use the form below to contact the Lab for additional assistance.

Use the form below to request a copy of the report.

Use the form below to contact the Lab.

In the form below, provide a detailed description of the problem you encountered on the web page. Be sure to include the page URL (web address) in your message.

Use the form below to contact the Lab's Accounts Payable group.

Use the form below to contact the Lab's Human Resources Department to verify the employment of a current or former Lab employee.


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