Common Coil Magnet System (with a Large Dynamic Range)

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Table of Contents

Common Coil Magnet System (with a Large Dynamic Range)

VLHC: It’s the Cost Stupid!

Recommendations from Gilman Panel and VLHC Steering Committee

Common Coil Design (The Original Concept)

A Modular Design for a New R&D Approach

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Results from the first magnet based on the common coil design

Quench Performance of the First Common Coil Nb3Sn Magnet

Extension of the Common Coil Design - The Common Coil Magnet System 

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Common Coil Magnet System with a Large Dynamic Range (Possible Advantages)

Constraints Between 2 Rings for a VLHC Based on the Common Coil Magnet System 

Abstract for PAC’99 Paper on Field Quality in a Common Coil Design Magnet System

Apertures used in the example

Flexibility in the Operations of Two Rings

Case Studies for only one new tunnel for VLHC (using the present Fermilab Infrastructure)

Injection Energies for 2 Rings (Range)

e-p and e+e- Collision Scenarios

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Impressions of 14 T Common Coil Magnet (now under development at LBNL) 

Emerging Technologies : HTS

HTS in a Hybrid Magnet

A Possible Low-cost Magnet Manufacturing Process

Conclusions and Summary

Author: Ramesh Gupta 


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VLHCWorkshop on Accelerator Physics at Lake Geneva, WI, Feb. 22-25, 1999. 

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