HTS Magnet R&D Activity at BNL

Ramesh Gupta and Arup Ghosh, BNL

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Table of Contents

HTS Magnet R&D Activity at BNL

Overview of the Presentation

BSCCO Wire (Year 2000)

Measured Performance of HTS Cable and Tape As A Function of Field at BNL

Expected Performance of HTS-based Magnets 

Advantages of using HTS in Accelerator Magnets

Status of BSCCO 2212 Program 


First Likely Application of HTS: Interaction Region (IR) Magnets 

Why Start HTS Magnet R&D Now? 

Magnet DCC002: 1st HTS Dipole/Quad

Magnet DCC002: 1st HTS Dipole/Quad

Magnet DCC006: 2nd HTS Dipole (Magnet No. 6 in the common coil cable magnet series)

Critical Current in Mixed Strand (2 HTS, 16 Silver) Cable

Performance of 2 Coils in Muon Collider Dipole Configuration 

Measured Ic of Various Turns

Measured Critical Current as a Function of Temperature

Field Quality Measurements

Near Term R&D Program at BNL


Authors: Ramesh Gupta and Arup Ghosh


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Talk given at the Low Temperature Superconductor Workshop (LTSW01) CA, USA on Nov. 12-14, 2001. 

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