This page contains link to lectures and other information on a course on Superconducting Accelerator Magnets offered by the United States Particle Accelerator School (USPAS) given by Ramesh Gupta and Animesh Jain. This winter course was held at the Arizona State University in Phoenix, Arizona during January 16-20, 2006.

Course Outline


Final Examination (if you really want to try it, suggest doing so after reviewing the lectures below)

Lectures given by Ramesh Gupta:

(1) Introduction to Superconducting Magnets
(2) Superconductivity
Magnetic Design (3-6)
    (3) Magnetic Design: General Principles (Write-up)
    (4) Magnetic Design: Coil Optimization
    (5) Magnetic Design: Yoke Optimization
(6) Field Quality Adjustment After Initial Design
(7) Field Errors and Their Estimates in Modern Superconducting Magnets
(8) Field Quality as a Tool to Monitor Magnet Production
(9) HTS Magnet Designs and Technology
(10) Alternate Designs for Special Magnets
(11) High Field Magnet Designs and Technology

Lectures given by Animesh Jain:

  1. Harmonic Description of 2-Dimensional Fields
  2. Magnetic Fields Produced by Current Distributions
  3. Transformation Relations for Harmonic Coefficients
  4. Overview of Magnetic Measurements Techniques
  5. Harmonic Coils
  6. Obtaining Harmonics from Opera-2d Results
  7. Dynamic Effects in Superconducting Magnets
  8. Determination of Magnetic Axis
  9. Measurements as a Tool to Monitor Magnet Production

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