Alternate Magnet Options for Muon Collider

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Table of Contents

Alternate Magnet Options for Muon Collider

Outline of Presentation

A Guide to Choosing the Maximum Field in Superconducting Magnets 

Quadrupole Gradient for various coil radius

Usable current Density in Magnet Design

Expected Performance of HTS-based Magnets 

Issues with HTS

Measured Performance of HTS Cable and Tape As A Function of Field at BNL

Common Coil Magnets With HTS Cable

Results of Coil #2 Tested in Muon Collider and Common Coil Configuration

High Field Magnets for Muon Collider and n Factory Storage Ring

Magnet Design for n Factory Storage Ring Study II 

5 T Dipole for n Storage Ring

Lattice & Magnet Designs for a Compact Ring

Alternate End Design Concept

Magnet Construction Plan for Neutrino Factory Storage Ring Dipole Model at BNL


Author: Ramesh Gupta


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Alternate Magnet Options for Muon Collider. Presented at SNOWMASS on 7/7/2001. 

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