General Lab Information

Work Packages


Work Package-1: Project Management and Dissemination

The main objective of WP-1 is efficient project management including collaboration and communications between project participants, planning, implementation, reporting and evaluation of the project activities and outcomes and wide dissemination of the project results to the geothermal international community.

Work Package-2: Evaluation of hydration and durability of state-of-the-art cements under hydrothermal conditions and thermo-mechanical stresses

The objectives of WP-2 include:

  • Establishing envelop of necessary mechanical properties for cements to withstand a wide range of temperatures including super-critical conditions and thermo-mechanical cycling based on stresses experienced in geothermal wells using NuA such as FEM
  • Defining cement preparation and testing experimental protocols and procuring necessary materials/equipment
  • Establishing stability of selected cement matrix formulations under super-critical conditions and in low and mid temperature range and evolution of mechanical properties after thermo-mechanical cyclic loading
  • Determining phases, phase transitions and microstructures responsible for stability and failure of cement matrix under the test conditions

Work Package-3: Selection and development of optimized cement formulations

The objective of WP-3 is optimization and performance validation of selected cement formulations based on the results of WP-2 for both supercritical and moderate temperatures.

Work Package-4: Cement sheath integrity and large-scale testing

The objective is to improve the understanding of optimized cement systems behavior as sealants in realistic well geometries, i.e., to raise their TRL with respect to cement sheath integrity by:

  • Performing laboratory-scale functions tests of cement sheath integrity combined with complimentary model simulations
  • Performing large-scale tests of cement sheath integrity of selected cement systems
  • Evaluation of bond-strength, durability and understanding of interfacial cement-metal interactions for optimized cement formulations after exposure to super-critical environments