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Sangkook Choi

software developer

Sangkook Choi joined Comscope in early 2016. He is in charge of developing GW+DMFT software together with Patrick Sémon. His research interests are diagrammatic extensions of dynamical mean field theory, their combination with first-principles methods, and the application to real materials. Sangkook Choi received his Ph.D in 2013 from the University of California at Berkeley where he worked on electronic structure of weakly correlated materials in various dimensions within GW approximation.

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Selected Publications

F irst-principles treatment of Mott insulators: linearized QSGW+DMFT approach.
Sangkook Choi, Andrey Kutepov, Kristjan Haule, Mark van Schilfgaarde, and Gabriel Kotliar,
Quantum Materials 1, 16001 (2016)

Mechanism for optical initialization of spin in NV- center in diamond.
Sangkook Choi, Manish Jain, and Steven G. Louie,
Phys. Rev. B 86, 041202(R) (2012)

Localization of Metal-Induced Gap States at the Metal-Insulator Interface: Origin of Flux Noise in SQUIDs and Superconducting Qubits.
Sangkook Choi, Dung-Hai Lee, Steven G. Louie, and John Clarke,
Phys. Rev. Lett. 103, 197001 (2009)