General Lab Information


Business Services

Provides high-quality business services to support the Lab's research initiatives by participating in cross-functional teams with a focus on risk mitigation and cost management, which is a critical component to the Lab's success.

Environment, Safety & Health

Serves the environment, safety, and health needs of our internal customers in an effective and efficient manner and to meet or exceed the expectations of our external customers.

Human Resources

Handles scientific and non-scientific employment, and coordinates diversity programs, benefits, recruitment, labor relations, training, awards, and records.

Facilities & Operations

Supports the science and technology and environmental restoration missions of the Laboratory by providing a safe, environmentally sound, and reliable infrastructure. Provides high-quality crafts and fabrication services to our customers as needed and protects people, property, and national security.


Budget Office

Recommends and implements financial policy for the Laboratory, implements Cost Accounting Standards, developed Indirect Rates, and disburses all funds entering the Laboratory.

Campus Development

Maintains a full-time focus on infrastructure—including the revitalization of the present Laboratory campus as well as the development of Discovery Park, a new public-private partnership expected to transform the Lab’s existing apartment area into a multi-use development featuring state-of-the-art offices, light-use laboratory space, and support facilities.


Manages and maintains BNL's Counterintelligence Program against foreign and industrial or intelligence activities in the U.S. directed at or involving DOE programs, facilities, technology, personnel, unclassified sensitive or proprietary information, and classified matter.

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Supports the Laboratory’s mission by facilitating the development of a pipeline of qualified, diverse candidates; by recommending policies and procedures that ensure (1) equitable treatment and opportunities for all employees, (2) an environment free from harassment, and that (3) encourage respect for individual differences.

Export Control Office

Provides guidance, direction, and oversight to assure adherence to federal export control regulations and sponsoring agency policies and procedures related to export controls. Laboratory staff must comply with all applicable U.S. export control regulations.

General Counsel / Legal Office

Provides legal counsel to Laboratory management and handles all legal matters.

Internal Audit

Serves as an independent resource for conducting internal audits and studies, coordinating outside audit activities, and providing expert information and guidance on effective internal controls and prudent business practices.

Modernization Project Office

Responsible for the engineering, design, cost estimating, scheduling, and project controls on conventional construction projects, including the selection of architectural/engineering firms, contractors and others engaged for these projects.

Planning, Performance, and Quality Management

Consolidates the Office of Policy and Strategic Planning, the Quality Management Office, the Office of Institutional Improvement, and the Project Management Center into a single office which provides a Lab-level perspective on planning and performance, including responsibility for organizational learning, project management, and contractor assurance.

Stakeholder & Community Relations

Develops, implements, and assesses strategic internal and external communications plans and programs to advance the scientific mission and priority programs and initiatives of the Lab; develops and implements government and stakeholder relations programs to help increase support for the Lab’s programs and priority projects; and oversees science education and workforce development programs to fulfill the Lab’s and DOE’s education and diversity goals.

Research Partnerships and Technology Transfer

Provides expertise and support to the private sector, academia, and other agencies for research and development work. Works with private sector—including start-up companies—to develop the Laboratory's early-stage innovations into commercial products.


Energy & Utilities Division

Oversees BNL's Utility Systems, Utility Plants, and Energy Management Programs which include sustainability, conservation, obtaining economical electric power and fuel supplies for BNL.

Environmental Protection Division

Carries the many functions that protect BNL's workers, visitors and the environment, and ensures Lab compliance with environmental laws and regulations. Also responsible for providing safe collection, packaging and disposal of the Laboratory's hazardous, radioactive, and mixed wastes.

Fiscal Services Division

Provides professional expertise and services with respect to financial, accounting, payroll, taxation, travel, and internal control matters.

Guest Services Division

Oversees conference planning, food services, transportation, mail, on-site housing, off-site housing, BERA/Recreation, ESOL program, and Quality of Life program.

Information Technology Division

Provides expertise in computing hardware and software support, as well as telecommunications services for the entire Laboratory. Investigates, recommends, and automates process improvements to business systems within the Lab community. Oversees library, publications and records management.

Integrated Facility Management Division

Responsible to proactively and efficiently manage, maintain, and prepare the Laboratory's infrastructure for cutting-edge science under a system of facility project managers who ensure that all their assigned facilities are mission ready.

Laboratory Protection Division

Protects the Laboratory site and its assets and additionally provides emergency response and support through trained fire, rescue, hazmat, security, and emergency management for all situations.

Occupational Medicine Clinic

Provides a range of occupational health services for employees.

Operational Support & Planning Division

Responsible for work planning, scheduling and material purchases for F&O maintenance actives, as well as shipping, receiving, inventory control, and small equipment/office moves. Provide guidance, support and assurance for ESH, quality, and training to achieve safe, efficient, and compliant operations.

Procurement & Property Management Division

Works with external businesses to provide goods and services to the entire Laboratory.

Production Division

Provides mechanical, architectural, and civil services to build, support and maintain the Lab's infrastructure.

Radiological Control Division

Ensures proper protection of staff, visitors and the environment from radiological hazards.

Safety & Health Services Division

Protects workers and visitors from non-radiological hazards.