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At Comscope, various condensed matter scientists—professors, scientific assistants, post-docs, and students—with diverse research backgrounds and expertise join forces to advance strongly correlated material science. Theorists develop and extend methods on multiple scales to treat and understand realistic strongly correlated electron systems. Software developers build efficient algorithms to simulate and predict the properties of strongly correlated materials. Experimentalists validate theoretical methods and computer simulations or conduct research based on computational outcomes. Close cooperation between the various team members foster an interdisciplinary atmosphere at Comscope and generate valuable synergies between theory and experiment. Comscope's software package—Comsuite—is only one of many outstanding achievements of this fruitful scientific environment.

team graphic

high performance computation

Nicholas D'Imperio
Patrick Sémon
Kwangmin Yu

multiscale modeling

Robert Konik
Alexei Tsvelik
Cristian D. Batista
Hidemaro Suwa
Gia-Wei Chern

experimental validation

Peter Johnson
Nader Zaki
Christopher Homes
Mark Dean
Cedomir Petrovic
Martha Greenblatt
Igor Zaliznyak
Quianheng Du
Xiaoyan Tan