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Brookhaven Lab is establishing itself as a global leader in tackling the challenges of Big Data, building on our existing expertise, capabilities, and investments in computational science and data management, and enabling scientific discovery in large-scale experimental environments.

About Us

Brookhaven Lab's Computational Science Initiative, known as CSI, excels at integrating computer science, applied mathematics, and computational science with broad domain expertise to tackle problems and advance knowledge impacting scientific discovery.

CSI has long focused on timely analysis and interpretation of high-volume, high-velocity heterogeneous data, providing solutions for the national and international scientific community. These efforts now are being augmented by CSI's growing high-performance computing capabilities.


CSI takes a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to its research, targeting challenges in cooperation with fellow researchers in science, national security, and industry—both at home and abroad.

We measure success by the transformational impacts we bring to how research is conducted and the advances we introduce to fundamental disciplines such as mathematics, data analysis, and computer science.

Computational Science News

  1. NOV



    Physics Software and Computing Seminar

    "The Rucio Data Management System"

    Presented by Cedric Serfon, BNL

    1:30 pm, Small Seminar Room, Bldg. 510

    Wednesday, November 20, 2019, 1:30 pm

    Hosted by: Paul Laycock, Torre Wenaus

    Rucio is a Data Management system initially developed for the ATLAS collaboration. It includes many advanced features to allow managing data at the Exascale. During the past years, it has become more and more popular in the HEP and astro communities. Some collaborations are currently evaluating it whereas other ones already decided to use it as their production Data Management system. In the following talk, I will give a general introduction to Rucio, explaining its major concepts, as well as some of its most interesting functionalities. I will also detail the migration strategy that was used in ATLAS to migrate to Rucio in a transparent and non-disruptive way. This experience can be of interest for any communities considering this move in the near future. Blue jeans:

  2. DEC



    NT/RIKEN Seminar

    "TBA — Quantum computing related"

    Presented by Scott Lawrence

    2 pm, Building 510, CFNS Seminar Room 2-38

    Friday, December 20, 2019, 2:00 pm

    Hosted by: Nikhil Karthik

There are no conferences scheduled at this time.

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