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Our Core Expertise

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Semiconductor Detectors

We develop and fabricate prototype radiation detectors for experiments in nuclear and high energy physics, photon science, and x-ray astronomy.

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Gas and Noble Liquid Detectors

Our Gas Detector Group studies the fundamental physics of gas-based radiation detectors and maintains resources for the production of  detector systems for user facilities.

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We conduct R&D in low noise analog electronics, data acquisition and controls for particle physics experiments, and RF electronics for remote sensors.

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Lasers and Optical Metrology

We carry out R&D of high quality photoelectron sources, optical particle detectors with high spatial and temporal resolution, diagnostics for ultrafast laser pulses, and surface metrology of synchrotron x-ray optics.

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Micro/Nano Fabrication

Our Microfabrication Laboratory is fully equipped with the hardware and software necessary for complete design, processing, and characterization of micro- or nanoscale structures.

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System & Interface Electronics

We operate a laboratory containing an advanced suite of instruments essential for fabricating high-density interconnects between radiation sensors and microelectronics.

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Silicon Detector Lab

A unique facility used for the development and production of prototype radiation detectors for more than 20 years, serving the scientific community in the U.S. and abroad.

Gas-based Detector Lab

Used to carry out fundamental studies on the physics of gas-based radiation detectors with resources for producing small numbers of detector systems for user facilities.

High Density Interconnect Lab

For the development of high density, high pixel count detectors.

Monolithic Circuits Lab

We use complementary metal–oxide–semiconductor (CMOS) technology to make integrated front-end circuits for various types of radiation sensors.

Computer-aided Circuit Layout

Our facility is capable of designing, fabricating and assembling unique printed circuit boards for research within the Division and for other Laboratory programs.

Multi-layer Printed Circuits

Our printed circuit board fabrication group produces custom circuit boards from the engineer's initial design to the finished board.

Optical Metrology Lab

The Optical Metrology lab is actively involved in the improvement of the quality of optical components in use at synchrotron radiation beamlines throughout the world.

Laser Lab

Develops efficient, high-quality photoelectron sources, optical versions of particle detectors with high spatial and temporal resolution, and diagnostics for ultrafast laser pulses.

Micro/Nano Fabrication Lab

Manufactures specialized micro- or nanoscale structures for investigators in academia and commercial industry.

Solid State Irradiation Facility

Includes a cobalt-60 source for use in basic radiation damage studies on transparent non-metals.

The Instrumentation Division is part of Brookhaven National Laboratory's Advanced Technology Research Office.